"Expands up to 7 times its sprayed volume and will provide the best water proof seal you could ever have ."

Polyurea Roof and Polyurea Foundation Coating

ExpandoThane was created in 2004 and is used for a Polyurea Roof Coating, Polyurea WaterProofing and any areas needing a high build Polyurea Coating.


ExpandoThane is a VOC free Plural component Polyurea with micro blowing agents to create a hard skin polyurea that expands five to seven times its volume to span gaps and fill bug holes.


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ExpandoThane is an aromatic which sprays a light grey color. When applying ExpandoThane Polyurea as a flat roof seamless system you can give your customer cost savings by leaving it this color and applying pea gravel over it or should he elect we have a single component Aliphatic Polyurea in White and other colors.


ExpandoThane can be spray applied with our FastKick Gun Cartdrige series or in dual 55 gallon sets using a Hot High Pressure Plural component machine. You only need 1,500 PSI @ 150 degrees to spray ExpandoThane Polyurea


ExpandoThane, when applied at 2 1/2 gallons per hundred square feet (40 wet mills) cures in seconds to leave you with a full 1/4" Polyurea Membrane


ExpandoThane may be applied as a secondary roof covering over Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen Roofs, BUR, Concrete and Spray Urethane Foam. ExpandoThane also makes a great Polyurea membrane for foundation walls before back filling with dirt.

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